Originally from Ecuador, I now have the privilege of living in beautiful British Columbia. If you know a little about both places you will agree with me that I got the best of both worlds. 
After studying Interior Design and Landscaping in Guayaquil, Ecuador, life brought me to Canada during my last year of business school {yes, I studied two things at the same time. – gracias, papá!} by winning the Emerging Leaders of the Americas Sholarship and I cannot be more happy with how it all turned out! Now I have the incredible opportunity of being able to work in the design and construction industry and continue my studies in design and art through several courses inside and outside Canada, including the Kelly Hoppen Design Masterclass.
All of my life I have been surrounded by beautiful spaces, incredible people, and had the fortune of traveling a lot. I have family everywhere and the kind of family members that you are absolutely eager to go visit more than once. Argentina, Ecuador, Monaco, Italy, France, California, Miami, and of course beautiful Canada, are some of the countries that I had the pleasure of living and visiting. Places that with their different cultures, people, and surroundings have shaped my way of living and designing.

“If you ask what my goal is, I would say to help people visualize, and bring to life, a space that combines function with personal style. I believe that the space you live should always reflect who you are, what you want, and where you want to go. While my own sensibilities lean towards contemporary, modern, and sophisticated, I recognize the importance of working together to achieve an end result that is breathtaking and inspirational.”